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4 Great Hardwood Home Improvements

If you love the look and feel of seasoned hardwood, there are many ways you can incorporate timber into your living space, and there’s isn’t much a skilled joiner can’t do with wood. The timeless beauty of hardwood is not something you can replicate, and with that in mind, here are a few projects that bring hardwood into the living space.

  1. Timber Decking – Most Australian homes have decking, with spotted gum being a firm favourite, and if you want to transform your terrace, finding timber decking in Brisbane is easy with an online search. A hardwood deck will not only stand the test of time, you can re-stain often to maintain the wood, even a colour change if you wished. There are hardwood suppliers that offer a decking advisory service, which happens to be free, and all it takes to source such a supplier is a Google search.
  2. Hardwood Staircase – If you thought your staircase was a permanent feature, a skilled joiner can design and build the perfect set of stairs, regardless of shape, and it wouldn’t cost the Earth. If you would like to explore the potential of replacing your staircase, ask a local joiner to pay you a visit and together, you can design the perfect staircase.
  3. Hardwood Flooring – The timeless elegance of hardwood is perfect for flooring, and while it won’t be a cheap investment, it will stand the test of time. There are other options to solid hardwood, with engineered flooring a cost-effective alternative, which is a composite core with a real timber outer layer. If you would like to learn more about hardwood flooring, Google a local supplier and visit their showroom, where you can experience the product in a suitable environment.
  4. Timber Furniture – A joiner can make any furniture item to design and specification, and if you are looking for furniture that lasts a lifetime, having items hand-crafted by a joiner is very good value. Tables, chairs, stools, cabinets and shelving are all within a joiner’s capability, and a walk-in wardrobe would really be something else, fitted to the room, of course.

Hardwood is very popular in Australian homes, and for good reason, as it offers style and durability and with a skilled joiner, there isn’t anything you can’t create. While hardwood is not cheap, it does last for many years, and with such a wide range of species, there’s something to suit everyone.



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