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5 Restored Rajbari Resorts to Spend a Royal Weekend near Kolkata

An ode to the Raj and the days of the Zamindari system, Kolkata’s Rajbaris aren’t only vestiges of an era gone by. Who would have thought these buildings, dating back to the Mughal era would open doors for common folks. The Baris which had until recently suffered from an ongoing structural disintegration have now been restored as lovely resorts and boutique hotels, according to an article on The Hindu. The restoration has equipped these ancient buildings to host travellers from all over India.

Blending history, heritage, architecture, and culture into one, Kolkata’s Rajbaris offer quite an experience to its occupants. The resorts have come up with carefully conceptualized menus, activities to entertain the guests, and the beauty of all these old Rajbari resorts is such that each one of them has a speciality of its own. Anybody situated in the peninsular part of the country is just a few hours away from these Baris via Kolkata. A flight from Bangalore to Kolkata takes only three hours, for instance.

We bring to you five such Baris that are going to be perfect for a royal weekend in Bengal:

1.   Rajbari Bawali

Steeped in rich history and a testament to incredible architecture—a proof of top-class workmanship, Rajbari Bawali is located a mere one and a half hour’s distance from Kolkata. It has been restored to its former grandeur with modern luxuries, ensuring every kind of comfort to its guests. Situated in a small village of Bawali, the Rajabri also hosts extravagant weddings. The resort offers a village walk, authentic Bengali Cuisine, spa, swimming pool, and boat rides as main activities.

2.   Jhargram Palace

Located four hours away from Kolkata, Jhargram Palace provides a very luxurious and yet extremely organic experience. People from the whole of south India are just a few hours away from this gem. All that is needed is a flight ticket from Bengaluru to Kolkata. It is home to magnificent Italian architecture and ethnic structure style. The modernization of the palace has equipped the place to provide guests with a grand experience. Village walks, museum hopping, a waterfall, and camping will keep you busy.

3.   Belgadia Palace

If you like to explore and enjoy sightseeing, Belgadia Palace is a nice option. It is also a great sight for photography enthusiasts. It is located in Baripada, Odisha at a distance of five hours from Kolkata. It’s famous for its colonial heritage walks, wildlife parks, and Victorian style of architecture. Tribal villages, organic farms, and a view from the top of a hill set this resort apart from others. The smell of rains on the red laterite soil will remind you of the weather in Pune, so book a flight ticket to Kolkata today.

4.   Cossimbazar Rajbari

Cossimbazar Rajbari will provide you with a slice of history, built in the 1700s by the Roys. The Bari has a ballroom, with a blend of Indian and European styles of architecture. With all the luxuries ensured, the resort has its guest set for a perfect weekend. Sabha Ghar, the old library, Raj Gobindo Mandir, front garden, and the clock tower are some of the main attractions.

5.   Itachuna Rajbari

Located at a distance of two and a half hours, Itachuna Rajbari has preserved the old world charm within its confines. The palace is home to a two hundred years old courtyard, antique caskets, ornate wooden décor, and framed writings. The place offers an array of outdoor activities, for instance, fishing, barbeque, and gardening. The 125 feet high Pandua Tower that looks over to the Rajbari makes for a nice vantage point.

The Rajbaris offer a great way to experience the Bengal countryside, away from the hustle-bustle of cities. Whether you stay in Bengaluru or Pune, book your flights to Kolkata today.

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