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6 Benefits of Renting a Vacation Home

We’ve all heard horror stories about staying in a hotel. If you’re a traveller who only wants the best, then perhaps booking a rental house is a better option. Anywhere around the world, vacation rentals are becoming more popular than hotels and inns. To help you decide where to stay on your next trip abroad, here are the reasons why renting a home is a better decision than staying in a hotel.

Renting a vacation home is surprisingly cheap

Despite common assumptions, renting a whole house is cheaper than staying for days or weeks in a hotel. There are big houses to rent, especially ideal for groups and families going on a trip. Since you can split the rental cost amongst yourselves, it’s possible to save even more. Although there are instances when renting tends to be more on the expensive side, like when renting a luxury home for example, for the most part, a house for rent is an affordable choice.

Rental properties are available in almost every country

Regardless of where you’re travelling, it’s likely that you’ll find a rental home that fits the bill. If you’re travelling alone, you can rent a condo unit in an upmarket building complete with top-notch security. There are homes for rent in resort towns, suburbs and in the middle of the city. Whatever you’re looking for in your travel accommodation, a rental can provide it all.

Plenty of space for everyone

Travelling with your family, especially with young kids can be a bit tricky. Staying at a hotel will probably be stressful since there isn’t enough space for everyone. Renting a house eliminates most of these issues. If the house is big enough, kids can sleep in a room of their own. You also don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbours.

Pet-friendly travel accommodation

If you’re a pet parent, then you already know the struggle of finding pet-friendly accommodation. With rental homes, you’re most likely going to find one that will allow you to bring your pet. However, not every rental property allows pets. Nevertheless, you’ll have a better chance of a pet friendly rental than a pet friendly hotel.

You can cook food

Hotel food is excellent but tends to be expensive. Staying at a rental property will allow you to buy and cook your meals. It’s an attractive option to have when you’re travelling with family or a big group. You will save money cooking in rather than eating out at restaurants.

Complete amenities for your comfort

You’ll have everything you need in a rental home. Yes, there might not be a pool, a sauna or gym, but you have all you need for convenience and comfort. You can launder your clothes for free, in case you prefer to travel light and run out of clothes to wear. Also, a rental home allows you to stay in local neighbourhoods. You’ll have every opportunity to check out local spots that aren’t packed with tourists. Most importantly, you’ll have all the privacy you need and a more “at-home” feeling.


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