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Aftercare Options at Delray Beach Rehab: What to Expect After Treatment

When you or a loved one seek addiction treatment, there are many important decisions to make. One of the most important questions to answer is what comes after rehab? There are a few different aftercare options available at Delray Beach Rehab, and each has its own benefits. Let’s discuss the three main types of aftercare: continuing care programs, sober living homes, and outpatient programs in detail and also help you decide which option is best for you or your loved one!

Continuing Care Programs:

Continuing care programs are one type of aftercare option available at delray beach rehab. These programs help patients transition back into their everyday lives after treatment. Continuing care programs typically meet every week, and they can last anywhere from a few months to a year. Patients in these programs will work with their therapists to create a relapse prevention plan and access other resources like support groups and 12-step meetings. The main benefit of continuing care programs is that they provide patients with a structured environment and support system after they leave treatment. These programs can help to prevent relapse and ensure that patients can stay on track with their recovery goals.

Sober Living Homes:

Sober living homes are another type of aftercare option available at Delray Beach Rehab. Sober living homes provide structure and support for patients as they adjust to life outside treatment. Residents in sober living homes must follow specific rules, such as abstaining from drugs and alcohol, following a curfew, and attending weekly meetings. Sober living homes typically have a 12-step focus, and residents are expected to work on a recovery program. Sober living homes provide residents with a supportive environment where they can live with other people in recovery. These homes typically have rules and regulations that residents must follow, such as attending 12-step meetings and maintaining sobriety. Sober living homes can be an excellent option for people who are looking for structure and support after treatment.

Outpatient Programs:

Outpatient programs are the third type of aftercare option available at Delray Beach Rehab. Outpatient programs provide patients with flexible treatment options that allow them to continue working or going to school while they receive treatment. Patients in outpatient programs typically meet with their therapists a few times per week for individual and group therapy sessions. Outpatient programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, and they typically have a lower level of intensity than inpatient or residential treatment programs. The main benefit of outpatient programs is that they provide patients with flexibility while still offering support and structure. These programs can be a good option for people who have responsibilities like work or school.

Aftercare options are important to consider when seeking addiction treatment. Each type of aftercare has its own set of benefits. The best way to determine which type of aftercare is right for you or your loved one is to speak with a treatment professional. Delray Beach Rehab can help you or your loved one find the right aftercare option to fit your needs.

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