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All You Wanted To Know About Buying Couple Rings!

The concept of couple rings is not new to contemporary couples. When you are about to take the next step in your relationship, you would be buying wedding bands. On the other hand, couple rings are meant to show off your love to the world. More couples are opting to buy coordinated rings that is a symbol of their commitment and love. Typically, these rings are not as elaborate as a traditional engagement ring, and you will find many stores that sell diverse collections of couple ring in Singapore. Typically, these rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. If you intend to get a set for making your love official, here are some tips to consider.

Selecting the metal

Traditionally, couple rings are made of similar metals as wedding bands, so both yellow gold and platinum are great choices. You can also consider buying a mix of metals. For instance, the ring for the girl can be in gold, while the ring for the boy can be in platinum. Both yellow gold and rose gold are also coming off as contemporary and unique choices. While couple rings don’t usually have gemstones or diamonds, some rings, especially the one for the girl, can have smaller diamonds in a band setting.

Selecting the design

The design for couple rings should be a meaningful one. Many couples just like the idea of simple bands that have nothing more than the band itself, while others would want to engrave names or have a message. Keep in mind that couple rings can be customized as required, so you can always check online or contact a jewelry store for ideas.

Selecting the size

Sizing is an important factor for selecting any ring. Depending on which finger you want to wear the ring on, you can take a call. For instance, some girls prefer the ring finger, while men often like the middle finger. It is really a matter of personal choice, but ensure that the size is right. An ideal set of couple rings is the one that represents your love, and you would want the ring to fit into your finger perfectly.

In conclusion

Don’t shy away from trying couple rings with your partner. Find a jewelry store you can trust, check their collection, and wear a few designs to find the one that works for your story. It’s your love story – Make it large.

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