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An Overview of Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

Who Can File Hernia Mesh Lawsuits?

People, who suffered grave injuries after failed mesh implants, are entitled to file a hernia mesh lawsuit against surgical mesh manufacturers. The plaintiffs insist in their compensation claims that the mesh manufactured by the company did not work, resulted into severe injuries and they had to undergo revision surgery to correct complications.

Patients, who have suffered injuries, have rights to sue the manufacturers in order to receive compensation for damages that include medical bills, lost earning, pain and suffering, quality of life etc.

The patients accuse manufactures of:

  • Designing a defective product
  • Manufacturing a defective product
  • Failing to inform doctors and patients about the potential risks of mesh failure and possible complications

Which Injuries Can Qualify for a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

People, who filed hernia mesh lawsuits, suffered severe hernia mesh complications and had no other way but to undergo surgery at least one more time to fix the issues. Patients with extremely severe complications after surgery require going under knife several times. Many patients complain that the problem persisted even after revision surgeries.

If you have suffered any or more of the following mesh complications and your physician recommends a revision surgery to fix the problem, you may have a case for a hernia mesh lawsuit:

Pain: Most patients feel pain after hernia mesh surgery. However, if pain persists for a long time (months or years), it could be a result of chronic inflammation or nerve damage caused by the implant.

Adhesion: Adhesion refers to formation of scar tissues around the mesh implant. As a result, the implant sticks to other tissue and organ, causing pain and other medical complications.

Infection: If inflammation around hernia mesh persists, it might lead to difficult-to-treat infections and removal of the implant is the only solution for the problem.

Bowel Obstruction: Hernia mesh travelling around the body or sticking to the intestine can obstruct the bowl movement, causing acute or chronic health problems.

Mesh Failure: Mesh failure happens when the implant causes problems and needs to be removed. Hernia recurrence and pain are two most common signs that the implant did not work.

Migration: Migration takes place when hernia mesh starts travelling from the original site of surgery and reaches other parts of the body.

Perforation of Tissues or Organs: If hernia mesh migrates, it can perforate other tissues or organs, which cause pain and other health complications.

Seromas: These refer to pockets of fluid around the surgery site.

Hernia Recurrence: It is one of the commonest complications after hernia surgery. In case of hernia mesh failure, hernia may recur.

Revision Surgery: Revision surgery is done to remove defective hernia mesh to fix complications. Doctor may use a new mesh in place of the faulty mesh. Patients may have to undergo one or more revision surgeries depending on how severe their complications are.

Delayed or Long-Term Complications: Delayed or long-term complications caused by hernia mesh may come up after the original surgery. These include adhesions, infection, chronic pain or hernia recurrence.

Groin Pain: Pinched nerves can cause testicular or groin pain. The pain usually feels like a sharp stinging pain at the surgery site.

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