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Basic Types of Tattoo Designs

Over the years, tattoos symbolize groups, families, and religious membership. In the last decade, tattoos have increasingly become popular. The majority of the people who opt for tattoos have a meaning behind the choice of tattoo. Some people will also draw tattoos for decorative purposes. Tattoo drawing has evolved from emblem tattoos to complex body artwork. In the past, tattoos were mainly used as an indication of social status and identification.

Below are some basic tattoo designs:

Tribal tattoos

Originating over a thousand years ago, tribal tattooing is still used by several cultures worldwide. The style was initially used in the Samoa and Hawaii regions. The tattoos are characterized by heavy black lines and geometric shading designs. Geometric tattoos provide a chance to display creativity. Any simple tattooing design can get a tribal touch from an experienced tattoo artist by using freehand: skilled artists can create a unique tattoo design due to the flexibility in drawing the tattoos.

Celtic tattoos

Celtic tattoos are common in today’s world. The shapes of this type of tattoo symbolize the meaning of the design of the knotwork. Circles stand for eternity or unity, cycles of life or spiral reincarnation and rebirth, trefoils and triangles exhibit the threefold dominion of the sky, earth, and sea. Fourfold or square shapes are shielded knots symbolizing protection from evil influences or spirits. Interlaced men and animals represent the interdependence of nature and humankind as well as relationships.

Many symbols require expertise to interpret. Considering that there are few records to show the meaning of the symbols, the interpretation of symbols is made by scholars and archaeologists with knowledge of symbols. As a result of the introduction of new cultures and religions such as Christianity, many Celtic symbols have, over the years, gained a new meaning. When getting a tattoo, look for advice from a skilled tattoo artist to get an ideal design that suits your personality.

Cross tattoos

Cross tattoos are among the oldest designs in tattooing. Many people still choose the style today. Some people are excited about having a well-drawn cross tattoo for beauty. Skilled tattoo artists will give an amazing outcome by having detailed and smooth curves and ridges. The tattoos have a three-dimensional impact when viewed from the side. Some common cross tattoo designs include:

  • Celtic cross
  • Iron cross
  • Gothic cross
  • Christian cross

Butterfly tattoos

Tattooing design is popular as it can be done in different ways. Butterfly tattoos can be done with bold details and colors. Some artists may also subtly do the designs: other butterfly tattoos can be done in an approach that matches the actual appearance. One can be creative in varying ways: combining butterfly tattoos with other themes and styles is possible. Before getting a butterfly tattoo on your skin, you should understand the symbolism of the butterfly. Ensure the tattoo is done keenly and delicately as it symbolizes beauty, grace, spirituality, and transition.

Angel tattoos

Angel tattooing designs bring out several meanings in varying styles. When women use the angel tattoo, it symbolizes serenity and calmness. In men, the tattoo displays the connection between spirituality and the inner self. Some of the angel’s tattoo designs are made to protect the wearer. Some styles portray optimism, hope, and love. From a general perspective, tattoos serve as a representation of the person’s emotional and spiritual support they get from a higher power.

Today, tattoo drawing is deemed as a method of expression. Many men and women have tattoos. The ancient tattooing tradition has become more established as a contemporary form of art owing to the emergence of several artists in the sector. The various tattoo designs vary from simple illustrations to intricate artwork.

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