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Benefits of consuming Roti daily

Roti is the most popular Indian bread that is consumed with curries and lentils. Rotis are a staple in a traditional Indian meal. Rotis do not have a peculiar taste of their own, but they enhance the taste of curries and lentils. They are filled with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates and are one of the healthiest things to consume daily!

Rotis are made from good quality whole wheat flour or Atta like Aashirvaad Atta for the fluffiest and scrumptious rotis. The Aashirvaad Atta 5kg price is extremely affordable for a reliable and high-quality flour for your Rotis. Here are some important Roti benefits that might convince you to eat Rotis every day!

Energy booster

As mentioned, Rotis are made of whole wheat flour hence they contain all the important nutrients of wheat. They are rich in carbohydrates and the complex carbs in Rotis boost your energy. They also keep you feeling full for longer so you can go about your day feeling energised and full!

Filled with Proteins and Iron

Rotis contain huge amounts of protein and iron that are essential for growth and strength in the body. Having Rotis can prevent issues like Anaemia (lack of iron). Rotis also contain other important nutrients like Magnesium, Phosphorous, Zinc and Calcium.

Good for skin

The Zinc present in Rotis helps improve the quality of your skin. Rotis also contain natural fibres which are vital for skin repair and enhancement. Eating Rotis daily will vastly benefit your skin and give you a glow!


The natural soluble fibres in Rotis are effective in making digestion easy. In fact, rice takes more time to digest than Rotis. Rotis are a great option for people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and constipation.

Perfect for health-conscious people

If you love hitting the gym but also love Indian food, Rotis are the best option for you. Rotis only need heat to cook hence there is no oil or ghee involved which makes them extremely healthy to consume. It contains very little fat and calories so you can consume many Rotis and worry less about your body!

For Diabetes

Diabetic patients are also recommended Rotis as the magnesium present in the wheat can increase the production of insulin and slow down the absorption of glucose in the body. While many kinds of bread are not healthy for diabetic patients, whole wheat bread, or Rotis are well-suited for them.

Improves blood flow and heart health

The vitamins and minerals present in Rotis increase blood circulation and effectively remove toxins from the body. Rotis are also known to keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check and can be had by heart patients as well.

To take full advantage of all these health benefits, it is important to use high-quality whole wheat atta that will give you the softest and the fluffiest Rotis. One of the best atta brands in India that can easily promise this is Aashirvaad Superior MP Atta. It is made with a safe and careful four-step method and uses the choicest of Wheat from the best wheat farms in the country. It is a 100% whole wheat atta and does not contain any other Attas like Maida or preservatives. It has a high absorption rate for water and ensures you get the softest and tastiest Rotis. It contains all the important vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. This atta can be used to make other atta dishes like Pooris, Litti Chokha, Halwa etc too!