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Choosing a Music Subscription Service in 2021

Music can be our best companion for those long trips or to lighten our daily day; that is why it will always be good to have an application on our smartphones to get us out of trouble. The internet has achieved a significant evolution in music, to increase the number of songs and now keeping a digital format, there is another new trend.

Music on-demand is today’s thing, having immediate access to millions of songs in a few seconds and without having to worry about the space on your device and you will only have to make a monthly payment to have the full service, although for the benefit of many most can work for free with some restrictions.

For a long time, talking about music subscription and streaming was almost inevitably synonymous with a single platform. However, the current landscape offers a wide variety of services that seek to dispute the throne or, at least, take a slice of the delicious cake that is the sector. that has nothing to envy, and that can be more useful to you. Below you will discover the differences between music subscription services to find out which one best suits your needs.


Spotify is the most famous music streaming service out there. It now also incorporates a multitude of podcasts. There is also Spotify HD which offers better audio quality. It is also the service that works with the most significant number of platforms, being the only one compatible with Linux. Spotify has a complete ecosystem of recommendations and radios and is betting heavily on podcasts.

Its free plan allows you to listen to music without paying a euro, although from the smartphone, in that case, you cannot choose which exact song to play—the number of playlists (created by the team of editors or automatic).

With Spotify Connect, you can use the app as a remote control to listen to music from the platform on speakers, TVs, game consoles, tablets, or other computers. Influential in discovering new artists thanks to the relationships created by the listening of other users and the weekly discovery list. Possibility to perform sessions in incognito mode so that what is listened to is not added to the unique algorithm.

Curiously, its catalog of songs is smaller than most of its rivals, although it covers much of the commercial music (especially pop and indie) most listened to by users. The ads in the free version can be a nightmare if you use the app for a long time. There are no intelligent lists that can be created or modified from automatic rules. It has some video programs of its own but does not offer music video clips. The limit is 10,000 songs in the personal library and 3,333 songs downloaded to the device.

Apple Music

Apple has also wanted to bet on streaming music services, which adds to podcasts’ options. The user experience is fantastic from minute one and the quality of the playlists already created is extraordinary. Its integration with both Siri and Apple Watch and with 200 vehicle models through CarPlay. It allows you to make smart playlists. You can upload your music to iCloud to access your library from all devices. In its catalog, it has some.

However, there is no web player. iTunes, in its desktop version, falls far short of the usability of other platforms.

Morning Light Music

Suppose you are a content creator and take music to another level. In that case, this platform allows you to purchase a license to use your favorite music for a one-time payment without having to pay royalties ever again! The rights you are buying will enable you to use the music you like on the most used social networks and in as many projects as you wish, as long as the use you make of the piece is within the conditions agreed upon in the usage agreement.

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