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Finally the long awaited moment has arrived when your baby is born and certainly this event is priceless and unforgettable. What could be better than to offer a photoshoot. To make it more unique and memorable, the choice of outfit during the shooting is essential as it can bring the touch of originality.

Parents will have to choose from various outfits already in their possession or may invest in especially dedicated outfits for a baby photoshoot newborn.  But it is essential to know what and how to select the best outfit for the day.

Because babies will not stay small forever, it has become essential to photograph them a few days after birth. A new-born’s wardrobe is often full, offering parents a wide variety of outfits. It is indeed necessary to adapt to the needs of authenticity and style sought in the photos but especially of comfort during the shooting. An outfit can bring a touch of authenticity when it is out of the ordinary by being original. The style can also be studied by the parents before the session. In classy attire, or much more in the lifestyle but also classic can be worn. But the comfort of the baby during the session is essential. It is then necessary to favour light and comfortable outfits to wear so that the photo shoot is not too imperious for them. Little Star Photography team will suggest you some outfits that will not make your baby uncomfortable.


A photo session dedicated to a baby lasts 1/2 hour or even an hour. During this period, parents can change the baby for a new outfit. It is therefore necessary to prepare to bring various outfits in order to have various shots. But also, it is by focusing on the diversity of outfits that a photographer can achieve beautiful pictures of the little one in a single session. Because the studio or the environment where the photo session will take place is conditioned to the baby’s requirement, it is then possible to opt for outfits for various seasons, winters, autumn, summer and spring.

 In winter clothes, a down jacket or a blanket is most common attire brought by parents. In summer, baby will be much less dressed or simply in light linen. These days’ parents are also opting for nude pictures, much more artistic. Through the models of photos previously taken by the photographers, the parents can then be inspired. Also available online, parents will no longer have difficulty choosing the best ones for a photo shoot under the sign of originality.


Everything is now well prepared to put the baby at ease during the photo shoot and to have successful shots. Parents and photographers study the theme together and then determine the decor and outfit to be worn by the mini-model on the day of the session. In the studio, parents have a multitude of background and decor choices that can be used during the baby photoshoot. It is especially possible to stage a festive andcolourful atmosphere where baby must then wear an outfit to match the decor. But in the studio, it is a general trend that parents often opt for a neutral decor in order to really highlight the baby. Carried out externally or at home, a background is chosen by the parents as the setting during the photo session. At home in particular, the photographer has the possibility of making lifestyle shots through a natural setting with the baby in his room where there will be cradles, changing table etc. to ameliorate the veneer.

Today photographers offer completely new concepts for decorationresulting in some authentic snapshots of the little one. It is essential to study with the professional all the diversities of decoration that can be used to seeing in photo sessions dedicated to the new-borns.


A photo shoot with baby lasts approximately 1 hour will require several outfits of the mini-model. There will be several outfits allowing having various pictures of the baby. However, 1 or 2 different outfits are enough for the entire babyshoot. In any case, the best way to feel good and give a rather pleasant rendering is to bet on simplicity and sobriety. Of the sixty photos taken during the baby shoot, parents will therefore have a plethora of the photos with the possibility of retouching the photos intended for calendars, announcements and several other usage. These series of images where the baby will be highlighted through what he is wearing will allow parents to have an image for each event to celebrate with the baby, especially for a baby shower, a new year, etc.

All these tips are definitely going to help you with planning your first baby shoot. So, it is all about being informed beforehand to prevent any last minute hassle.

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