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Christmas Wine Gift Guide – Six Rules to Purchase Perfect Bottles

Everyone likes to receive gifts, especially the one like wine related. If you want to make someone happier on a holiday or special occasion, wine gift basket is really a fantastic idea. With this gift, the recipient not only is surprised but also understands your gratitude as well. You can prepare it yourself instead of purchasing from the store.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the rules as recommended by the online store that help you in finding the perfect gift for a wino. They provide crafted wine gift baskets with unique and popular wines at affordable price. Also, they offer cheese and gourmet goodies, and good discounts on price as well.


At first, choose a container to make a gift basket depending on the theme like a picnic basket or wicker basket or other. Then, line the basket bottom with cloth or paper to give some support to the bottles.

Choosing wine bottles

Choose a store that sells largest wine selection – You can purchase the wine bottles from a boutique or a local liquor store choose the best one that specializes in selling wine, because their employers will be trained compared to average stores. With this, you can choose the best bottles from the collection.

Get some favorites and few new – Add at least one or two favorite wine bottles of your recipient (if you know) and also include few new ones for him/her. There are a wide variety of wines bottles available in the stores pick few from them to add in your basket.

Ask questions – You can ask the employees in the stores because they might be tasted them or they will have tasting notes so that you can choose from them. Also, you can check on internet to find out the best ones.

Spend some time – Don’t be in a hurry, spend some time 10 or 15 minutes look at labels, ask questions, check prices, and make a decision.

Know about your recipient – Before purchasing, research about your recipient favorites because never buy a red wine to a white drinker. So, make sure what he/she prefers to drink.

When not sure, purchase something weird – When you are not sure of your recipient’s preference try to purchase something weird to make him/her surprise.

In addition to the wine bottles you can also add wine accessories, and other food items like crackers, paste, nuts, and so on to your wine gift basket to make it more special and unique. So, choose the best store and shop today to surprise someone on these holidays.

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