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Complete Competitor: How To Learn Different AFL Skills

Footy players across the country know that it’s a hard game to master. The combination of commitment, guts, intelligence, speed and strength are essential to becoming a total player, one who can control the game with a quick pivot and smart pass into the forward 50.

But to learn these essential skills you need the best training equipment. From having a quality Sherrin to kick around to springy rebounder to practise your reflexes, here is some imperative info on how to learn the most vital footy skills with the best equipment:

  • The footy itself

When it comes to picking up AFL merchandise online, the footy is the first place to start, obviously! The ball is the game’s focal point, what you chase, kick, mark, handpass and generally squabble over in the hope of putting the thing through the big sticks.

Therefore, you ain’t going nowhere without having a quality Sherrin to kick around at training and in your spare time. Whether it’s heading to your club’s bi-weekly training sessions or having a kick around the park with your mates, this is the most essential piece of footy equipment you can have on hand (as you can’t do anything else without it!).

  • The rebounder

The legendary rebounder has always been one of the most vital pieces of footy training gear, as it can help you with so many aspects of your game. It can help you improve your ball control through fast rebounds, your handballing through repeated passes into the net and help with reflexes through rapid rebounds.

This is why you always see one present at your local club’s training sessions – it’s an integral piece of equipment for learning how to handle the ball as well as take rapid catches from quick-handed teammates!

  • The blocking pad

Aussie rules is as much a game of defence as it is attack, and the blocking pad has always been there to help players improve on their tackling and blocking abilities.

Both tackling and blocking are essential parts of a solid defence, and are simply imperative for winning back the ball in tough contents as well as assisting your teammates when in possession of the ball.

The blocking pad can seriously help you improve your ability to block and tackle opponents, ensuring you can work on your strength in this area of the game for when you come up against some serious tough opponents!

  • The handball target

This is a bit more on the fun side, but can definitely help with your handballing accuracy as well as kicking. The handball target is ubiquitous at both training sessions and footy fun days, where you can find yourself in a little healthy competition to see who has the club’s best handpass!

You simply get a few players together and see who can be on target the most. It seems simple, but AFL is becoming a lot more precise and rapid-paced, ensuring that whilst handballing is becoming more integral for working the ball out of the centre, it is also becoming more difficult, as scrambles are more frequent in a game that chooses precision over the old school long bomb forward.

Therefore, this is not only a fun way to end a training session, but it’s also a great way to increase your skills in this vital part of the game!

Pick up in AFL store some of this top quality equipment to really take your game to the next level!

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