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Correctional Facility Furniture for a Humane Detention Environment

We will begin by understanding what we mean by the term correctional facility. A correctional facility is a place for the rehabilitation of law-breakers and this is a system that has come down from the medieval martial law and its custom of prisons. Therefore, essentially a correctional facility is an area where convicted criminals are taken and counselled, such that they can reintegrate into society as law-abiding citizens. Since a place of this sort contains a potentially hostile and sensitive environment, its construction and design are a matter of great speculation. The interior furnishings are done in a way to induce a sense of order and calm, in and around the space. Thus, correctional facility furniture is a crucial aspect and hence there needs to be greater awareness regarding the requirements of this facility.

Style Of Furniture

In general, the style and build of correctional facility furniture are extremely basic. The utility of this feature is to reduce the stimulation which complex structures can have on a person’s brain. Thus, the goal is to ensure safety and security of the residents. Despite being exceedingly simple, this type of furniture serves a very special purpose. A lot of research goes into determining the correct design for furniture suitable for detention environments. As of now, furniture that is sturdy, homely, and which doesn’t risk the safety of the inhabitants is the go-to.

The next sections talk about the key features one must look out for in correctional facility furniture.

The Use Of Colour

The type of furniture used in these facilities is usually vibrant and colourful. Initially, in the prison system, the mental health of the inhabitants was not a point of focus. This lack of vibrancy in a prison is because it is a place of punishment. However, the philosophy of correctional facilities is that of rehabilitation and the betterment of the individual. Therefore, to look after the mental and emotional wellbeing of the residents, a lot of colour gets integrated with the interior design. A lot of behavioural scientists have pointed out the healing impact that colours have on people recovering from conditions such as depression. Of course in certain situations, a colour might lead to over-stimulation in a person, and this has to be kept in mind. Normally, pleasant and calming hues are chosen.

Monolithic Structures

This style of furnishing is put in place to ensure that the concealment of contraband is not possible. Contraband refers to smuggled or illegal goods and these have the potential to start fights or can also lead to injury. The arrangement of furniture and the build of the rooms is such that there are no hiding spots or openings. Furniture which is meant for such detention facilities usually comes with a pick-proof sealant that sticks to walls to make sure it cannot be moved and to eliminate the possibility of hiding places.


The impact furniture can have on lives is especially relevant in a correctional facility. The designs used are a result of years of research related to psychiatry and behavioural studies. This article was a brief discussion regarding the requirements of correctional facility furniture. Another important feature of such furniture is that it is generally maintenance-free.

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