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Discussing The Importance of Workplace Hand Hygiene

Having the right company cleaning procedures that focus on staff needs and, more specifically, hand hygiene needs an effective and safe cleaning product. Whether you are in an industrial factory typesetting or a food manufacturing or catering facility, your workers must have access to a sanitiser that removes any foreign substances and helps protect against bacteria. Some hand cleaning products contain potentially harmful substances, including petroleum distillates that cause inflammation and dry skin conditions; these should be avoided. The ideal hand cleanser should effectively remove all types of ingrained dirt and grime while protecting and providing an essential biocidal action.

The Different Types of Hand Cleaners

The standard household hand cleaning products are unsuitable for industrial settings, and purchasing a cheaper, lower quality product is a false economy. Efficient and effective industrial hand cleaner falls into four main categories which are –

  • Heavy-duty hand cleansers suitable in factories remove metal dust, paints, inks, and greases; when combined with a hand dispenser, they form an excellent option.
  • Antibacterial hand washes are superb in medical and food production facilities, creating a germ-free solution with awesome biocidal characteristics.
  • Grit wipes offer the worker a cleaning product when running water is not available; fast-acting, they are an effective answer for both mobile engineers and other industrial workers.
  • Hand barrier creams have advanced formulas for situations where the staff have to work with solvents and detergents; hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties help protect the hands from irritations and dryness.

With both commercial and industrial environments continually evolving, especially in the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is essential that hands are washed and sanitised in all situations. By choosing a good quality hand cleansing product, you are safeguarding the crucial parts of your company; failing to do this could result in many significant problems.

Qualities Of a Great Hand Cleaner

Installing hand soap and sanitiser dispensers in your workplace is a super idea, but if they aren’t filled with the most effective cleansers, they aren’t maximising their potential. The ideal industrial hand cleaning products should have several essential characteristics, which are –

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Free from harmful solvents with natural deep cleaning soaps.
  • Fast-acting and concentrated formula.
  • An all-in-one versatile cleaning action suitable for multiple applications.

The best cleansers are able to emulsify difficult oils and greases quickly and effectively, making the process of hand washing a fast and efficient operation.

The Benefit to The Business Owner

Years of scientific research have provided excellent products to help maintain good hand hygiene; they contain powerful natural soaps and emollients to protect the skin. Highly effective in a massive range of industrial situations, they offer important antibacterial and sanitising solutions to avoid the problems of cross-contamination and the passing of dangerous germs.

The importance of cleaning procedures as part of an effective health and safety doctrine cannot be understated, and it should form a cornerstone of your company’s business plan for the years to come.

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