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Eyelashes You Can Wear Every Day

Does it seem like you’ve looked high and low for the perfect pair of false lashes that you can wear every day? Perhaps you thought you found the perfect look, only to actually wear them and realize that they are totally uncomfortable. Or maybe you found some that are actually bearable to leave on all day, but they aren’t dramatic enough for your tastes. Well, we are here to tell you that you can now end your search! Wearing false lashes every day is totally doable and even encouraged when you use one of the following high-quality everyday lashes:

“Really Really Lowkey”

These lashes are the perfect pair for everyday use! They are made from ultra-fine Korean silk fiber that is soft, shiny, and realistic. The shortest part of these lashes measures 3 millimeters and the longest part of these lashes measures 7 millimeters. They are made to totally blend in with your natural lashes and leave people guessing about the legitimacy of your lashes because they look so real! At the same time, they provide just enough volume to make your eyes pop.

“Fairy Dust”

These lashes are super flirty and are perfect for anything from a date to going out to lunch with a friend – you never know when you are going to meet someone special so you should always look your best. These lashes have a wide length variety that makes them ideal for flirtatious eye-fluttering. The shortest part of these lashes measures 5 millimeters and the longest part of these lashes measures 12 millimeters. Even though some of the fibers are pretty long, they are lightweight enough to feel totally comfortable and unnoticeable.

“Morning Dew”

We are obsessed with these flared lashes! If you are looking to draw attention all the way across your eyes, this is the perfect pair thanks to the fuller volume along the outer corners. The shortest part of these lashes measures 5 millimeters and the longest part of these lashes measures 10 millimeters. They will look amazing with winged eyeliner and a little bit of shimmery eyeshadow for an everyday glam look.  

“Cloud 9”

Similar to “Morning Dew” but a little more subtle – we have these amazing Korean silk fiber lashes. These also have a flared outer corner but are a little bit shorter – with the shortest part measuring 3 millimeters and the longest part measuring 10 millimeters. These lashes are super wispy and are just as comfortable thanks to a lightweight cotton lash band that won’t irritate your eye – even if you have a monolid that’s susceptible to irritation from harsher lash bands.

“Silver Lining”

If you are looking for a bit more drama to go along with your typical makeup routine that includes full-coverage foundation, contouring, brows, eyes, and lips – then these are the perfect lashes for you. They aren’t overly gaudy, but they are still super noticeable with a length that ranges from 7 millimeters to 12 millimeters. These lashes are handmade to produce a top-quality product that will last for up to 16 separate wears!

How to Maintain Lashes for Everyday Wear

Even though you may have found the perfect lashes for everyday wear, the process isn’t over yet! Unless you want to spend a fortune on a new pair of lashes every day, you will need to be committed to maintaining your lashes so that they last as long as possible. In fact, the best silk lashes can be worn up to 16 times as long as you take good care of them. So here’s everything you need to know about maintaining your favorite pair of falsies so you can really get the most bang for your buck:

  • Be really careful when removing your false lashes. Do not sleep in your lashes or shower with them on. Do not pull on the actual lash part when removing or else you might tear off parts of your beautiful lashes! Instead, try to get as close to the band as possible and gently pull outwards (not across) starting from the middle of your eye.
  • Once the lashes have been removed, there will be a decent amount of dried lash adhesive left on the band. You will need to remove this. Gently rub your finger across the band in order to peel off the excess glue around the entire lash band.
  • If your lashes have been through the wringer and aren’t looking too hot, you can try to restore them to their previous beauty by soaking them in a bit of warm soapy water. There’s no need to brush or scrub your lashes – this could actually damage them!
  • Once you are satisfied with the condition of your lashes, place them back in the original packaging box so that they can stay nice and safe, dry, and clean until you are ready to put them on the next day!
  • Following these instructions is key in order to get the maximum amount of wears (up to 16!) out of your false lashes.

Wearing false eyelashes every day is totally possible with the right pair and the right care. We personally love silk eyelashes because they are super comfortable, light, and natural-looking. They are totally affordable and you can get a ton of use out of them before you have to buy another pair. All of this makes wearing false lashes every day a totally realistic goal!

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