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Five Effective Ways to Save Money and Time when Using your Outdoor Wood Burner

Wood furnaces already save you money because of their efficiency and affordability. But, there are still other ways to save time, money, and wood when using your outdoor wood burner. These include the following:

Ensure the Fire is of Proper Size

You need to establish a fire of proper size which means scaled to the outside temperature. In colder conditions, the heat is more rapidly taken from the furnace. Thus, in the depth of winter, you may need a bigger fire than the one you need during the spring and fall seasons.

Understand the Importance of Controlling the Burn Rate

The burn rate can be controlled to a small extent. This can be done by placing the wood “bark first” onto the fire. As the fire takes longer to work into the wood, the burn time is extended. This is beneficial if you do not need immediate heat. For instance, if you have a big bed of coals, you must decide whether to want the fire to roar or opt for a slower burn. If you want the fire to roar, you must throw the wood in the bark side up. Placing the bark side down will lead to a slower burn.

Consider Using Wet Wood

With out side wood boilers, you can burn wet or green wood for a slower burning, less intense fire. But, you must have a certain amount of seasoned wood to get things done. After establishing a good fire, you will be able to burn the green or wet wood.

Reduce the Need to Start a Fire from Scratch

If you are not using the whole firebox, you can throw a few wet logs to the back so they can dry out. You can just rake them forward later. Also, this lets you maintain embers for overnights when burning a medium-sized fire without starting a fire from scratch in the morning. When done right, you can open your firebox to a log, charred, and smoldering that can be easily re-kindled into a huge blaze.

Learn to Conserve Wood During the Shoulder Season

During the shoulder season, you do not have to keep the fire going. A good fire every day is usually enough to put enough heat into your home. Try to save your wood until the outside temperature justifies it. But, if you have a family member who tends to be always cold, you will need more wood.

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