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How can one make terrariums?


If you want terrariums, you can choose to buy them or you can as well choose to make some for yourself. There are things that you will need for you to make your terrarium. Here are some of the things that you will be needing

  • A plastic container or a glass
  • You will be needing rocks
  • You can choose moss
  • You must have soil
  • You also need to have plants that will not overgrow
  • A spoon for the sake of soil placement
  • Long tweezers

How to make terrariums

After having everything in place, the next important thing to do is coming up with a terrarium. Here is how you can successfully make your terrarium

  • Buying a terrarium Singapore case that will hold your plants or garden. You can also choose to make a terrarium container by yourself. You can make one out of a fish tank or consider holding one out of a soda bottle.
  • After deciding on the best container, the next important step should be to fill the bottom of the container with half the soil that you are planning to use. You can consider rocks as your first terrarium layer. The use of rocks is just a personal preference.
  • You should then add a piece of driftwood or rock that you would wish to be included in your garden or terrarium.
  • You should then make a hole in the soil for your plants.
  • The next step is to remove your plant from its container. When doing so, there is a chance that you will need to massage the roots of the plant to loosen them from the soil.
  • Position the plant on the jar or the terrarium Singapore container and add a thin layer of soil. Add a second layer and make sure that the soil is pressed firmly. For better results, mix the plant color.

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