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How Long Do Oil Tanks Last Before It Is Removed?

New oil tanks come with many options for construction and warranty. The vast majority of residential oil tanks are basic 275-gallon single-wall steel tanks. They can last anywhere from ten to twenty years before replacement is necessary. In addition, here are some important tips to help you decide whether you need an oil tank removal Westchester County, NY, and replacement.


Safely installing oil tanks is vital to maintaining your home’s heating system. Underwriters Laboratory standards set out the types of materials that can be used to construct oil tanks, the size of these tanks, and the type of pressure tests that must be performed on these tanks. The location of the drain valve on the tank should also meet specific guidelines. Additionally, the National Fire Protection Association has created an installation code, NFPA 31, that specifies the guidelines for installing oil tanks.

The best place for an oil tank should be at least 1.8m away from a house or any windows. Moreover, the base of the tank should be stable enough to bear the weight of the oil tank. There are several options for the price of an oil tank. A small single-skinned tank costs around PS500. It is important to note that the tank must meet the OFTEC standard. Aside from safety concerns, it must also meet the local building regulations.

Life expectancy

The average life span of oil tanks varies depending on the tank’s type and location. Residential tanks are made of either 14 or 12-gauge steel. If they are installed properly, they can last as long as 50 years. If they are located underground, they can last for a lot longer, but if not, the next homeowner will be responsible for cleaning up the tank. Fortunately, newer oil tanks are made from plastic and fiberglass and are often much more durable.

Some homes had oil tanks installed before the late 1990s. These tanks will not last forever, but the average lifespan is fifteen to twenty years. This life span is affected by some factors. For example, the quality and thickness of steel can affect how long a tank lasts, as can an elevated water table or ph of the soil. Fortunately, it is possible to remove your oil tank before it is too late.


The costs of oil tank removal are high. While an aboveground tank does not require unearthing, the labor and equipment required to remove the tank will add to the price. Moreover, an aboveground tank requires less maintenance and is often cheaper to install. Additional costs may include land remediation services. If the oil tank is in poor condition, it will negatively affect the soil. Therefore, workers must take appropriate safety measures. End rates of oil tank removal depend on the city or town where you live. The price range can range between $10 to $70 per pound.

Some people try to remove an old oil tank themselves. This method may save you money but can also create headaches. In addition to the costs, you must know how to dispose of the waste oil properly. Before hiring a company, get an estimate of the project’s total cost. Some companies charge by the hour, so you’ll have to pay for the service in advance.

When to replace

If you notice liquid coming out of your oil tank, it may be time to replace it. The constant rain and snow can cause moisture problems inside the tank. In addition, the tank’s manufacturer must correct any mistakes they make when installing it. To avoid this, have it inspected by an oil tank inspection company

Changing the oil tank can save you a lot of money. You can avoid costly environmental clean-up costs by replacing it early. Furthermore, a new oil tank can add resale value to your property. Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important factors when preparing to replace your oil tank. Consider who you plan to hire and how much it will cost upfront. The contractor should be licensed to handle such installations.

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