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How To Choose The Right Industrial Air Compressor Model

Air compressor is a mechanical device that is used to increase pressure, or by reduction of its volume. There are two types of air compressors: centrifugal and positive displacement compressors. In most cases, air compressors are used in manufacturing processes and in industrial applications where necessary. When it comes to purchasing an air compressor, it is good to do homework very well so that the air compressor is compatible with your industrial requirements. With all factors to consider, it all goes down to two main things: size and features. Regarding size, a compressor that can handle the company requirement is highly recommended. Generally, the following are the primary considerations when purchasing an air compressor.

Electric or gas

If the operations of the company are indoors, then it automatically means an eclectic air compressor option is the way to go. This is because the compressor does not emit any fumes that can destroy the surroundings. However, operating an electric air conditioner is expensive as compared to the gas one. It is useful here to decide which side to go comparing the two.

Also, in terms of portability, an electric air compressor will always need a connecting cable for the power and a power socket most probably fixed on the wall.

Single-Stage or Two-Stage

When it comes to industrial air compressor parts such as pumps, it is good to decide whether it is a single-stage pump or a two-stage pump. When it comes to a single-stage, it can go up to a capacity of 120 PSI, whereas the two-stage can go up to 150 PSI. A single-stage sucks the air while compressing to the desired limit using a single piston stroke, whereas two-stage uses two pistons firing one after the other.

This is an advantage of using a two-stage air compressor as it cools the air between the stages, thus increasing density. Also, it can use its air pressure at any time without having to lose pressure. Though the two-stage are more expensive, it is good to consider its effectiveness.

Fixed or Portable

It is essential to decide the mobility requirement of the industry before purchasing an air compressor. A fixed one will be stuck on the ground with screws and no movement after the installations. On the other side, a portable compressor is easy to move around whenever it is needed on site.

Horsepower and CFM

Compared to vehicles, air compressors come with different horsepower, which is used as a measure of its efficiency. This sometimes may not be true as it may not be true that more horse power reflects more air compressing. For the performance of an air compressor, the beast measure is Standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) because it evaluates the performance of the horsepower.

In most cases, the engine size ranges from 1-2HP, but some industries will go up to 5HP in exceptional cases. However, the best measure of an air compressor is CFM (cubic feet per minute), which will give you the correct volume of air that is removed from the device.


While at work, industrial air compressor parts may cause an issue, which might necessitate an oil-lubricated compressor as they are less noisy compared by other non-lubricated. OIL free compressors even though they are less efficient, they are more versatile because they do not need a flat surface for oil to circulate properly.

When it comes to choosing an air compressor, it’s good to take consideration of the above points. Also, it is good to purchase from a credible dealer because their expertise and knowledge will go down in helping to make the best decision.

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