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How To Enjoy Your Friend’s Birthday As Pandemic Is Still Here?

You may have celebrated your friend’s birthday many times before, but now the scene is different. What’s going around the world was unpredicted, and its end is also unpredicted. Even though nations put a conclusion on the lockdown term and unlock phase starts, keeping ourselves safe is still in a fight. But, to win against COVID -19 is not that hard. Just follow the rules and incorporate social distancing in your normal life.

Well, celebrating a friend’s birthday is all about fun and enjoyment, but the fear of contracting Coronavirus is real. But that doesn’t mean you should hang-up on your plan of celebrating your friend’s birthday. It’s time to opt for unique and different ways to surprise your friend and make the birthday memorable forever.

Here are some ideas that you can use:

Donate Food

Every year, you push your friend to give a birthday treat, and you all savour the delicacies while talking about the stuff of your interests. As having a dinner or lunch party is not much now, you can donate food to needy people. Ask your friends to donate money or packed items and donate whatever you can while following the social distancing. Take a picture of that and send it to your birthday friend with a caption “Celebrations and happiness! Happy birthday, friend!’’.

Surprise With Cake

Yes, a cake! Now you might be thinking that this is what you have been doing from years on birthdays. Well, this time only the cake will visit your friend and not you. And the best moment to do is the very moment the birthday starts. With services like midnight cake delivery in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, or any XYZ city, you can surprise your friend with a delicious and delightful birthday special cake.

Send Birthday Poster

Make your friend feel extra special by sending a birthday specific poster digitally. Yes, send the poster digitally. There are many gifting portals that are providing such kinds of services. Choose the design that you like, provide your email address and contact number to get the delivery of the poster. Most of the posters can be personalised with the picture or name. You can also make a poster by yourself using applications like Canva.

Make a collaborative video

Don’t wish your friend over a voice call or conference video call. We have a great idea that will surely make your friend happy on his/her birthday. Write a special birthday message and divide it into parts and ask your other friends to make a video of themself reciting the assigned part only. Now join all the video together with some great editing and send this to your friend over WhatsApp group.

Send Plant Online

We don’t know whether you present gifts to your friends on birthdays or not. But you should present one this time. Send an indoor plant to your friend on his/her birthday from an online plant nursery. You will be gifting him a source of fresh air and a sense of care and preservation toward mother-nature.

Happy Celebrations!

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