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How to use an eyelash curler (beginner’s guide)

Its appearance as an instrument of torture may have prevented you from verifying its usefulness. You may be afraid that it will damage your eyelashes or even hurt you by using it, but you don’t have to have problems if you use it properly. The eyelash curler is your friend. Or it should be.

Using the mask without prepping the eyelashes in advance is like putting lacquer on the hair without combing the Mane before. The result has nothing to do with it. Although many eyelash masks promise to curl our eyes more than any other, the truth is none can give us the result that provides an Eyelash Curler, well used, Of course. There’s nothing that wakes up your gaze faster than an eyelash curler. Here are a couple of tips on how to use an eyelash curler.

A classic beginner’s mistake is to believe that the eyelash curler is applied once we have put on the mask. Eyelashes must be clean when using the eyelash curler to avoid damaging them. For example, we use the curling iron with mascara to put almost certain that many will stick to the gadget and break. Also, we will get a dirty finish, with mascara sticks and a very forced curvature.

When using the eyelash curler, you should place the upper eyelashes on the pad with care to keep a safe distance from the skin to avoid annoying pinching and set it as close as possible to the eyelid. Press gently for 10 seconds to get the eyelash shaped. When you stop pressing, open the curling iron slightly before removing it to avoid tugging.

Some apply the curling iron up to three different eyelashes points, although this will depend on the eyelashes’ length. It is recommended to curl them in two points to obtain a more concave curvature. To do this, first, apply pressure at the base of the eyelashes, then curl in the area near the end. If your eyelashes are long enough, you can curl in the middle area of the eyelashes too. With this technique, your look opens with a more natural curve.

Another tip on how to use an eyelash curler, apply a hairdryer for a few seconds of hot air on the curling iron head until you check that the gum has taken temperature. Then curl your eyelashes so that the heat gives you a more durable finish.

After using the eyelash curler, apply the mask in two steps:

  • Make the first application of mascara above the eyelashes, turning the brush in a curvature direction to enhance its effect.
  • Then, apply the eyelash mask slowly from the base upwards in a zigzag to impregnate all the hair well. It mainly affects the eyelashes’ base to open the look well and fix the curling iron’s finish.

You can use the eyelash curler when without makeup to open your eyes. It will give you a very natural touch that will make a difference. Also, of course, as long as you’re going to apply the eyelash mask. Finally, the curling iron is used before placing the false eyelashes so that the eyelash is raised and not visible once the false eyelashes are placed.

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