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Improve Your Business Environment By Having An Office Refit

There comes a time when every business owner has to consider re-organising or re-inventing their office or workspace, furniture needs replacing, demands change and the way your staff work are critical factors for consideration. Improving all or at least some of the key areas of your premises can bring welcome increases in beneficial areas such as productivity or staff well-being. Some quick fixes are available, such as additional green planting or some new brightly coloured functional office furniture. Another area you should also consider is improving the natural light throughout. One possibility is to utilise an increasingly popular office refurbishment mode, the glass partition.

A Clear Winner

As something easily installed, the different types of glass partitions are very flexible and have applications in virtually every workplace. It uses a lightweight yet strong aluminium frame in options ranging from a single glazed wall to a fully double glazed four-walled stone alone meeting room with internal privacy blinds. Where a specific situation demands increased sound protection and privacy,  acoustic glazing is the solution, partitions with fire-rated glass are also available. The various glass partitions are –

  • Simple single- or double-glazed partitions are an option for cubicles, office walls, or a room divider with or without a door.
  • Banded Glass partitions are a specific design choice using Upvc bars within the standard aluminium surround to intersect the glass giving a framed finish; it is an increasingly popular trend in very modern-looking offices.
  • Acoustic Glass partitions use an improved type of glass for areas such as meeting rooms or HR offices where privacy is paramount.
  • Curved glass partitions are the ultimate in glazed partitions and are used to make a feature statement to visitors and potential clients.

The optional extras include internal curtains or blinds installed between the double glazing or switchable remote-operated frosted glass. All glass partitions must have some sort of signage called manifestations affixed to them – to stop people walking into them! This medium is a further design opportunity to improve the aesthetic qualities of the office or use your corporate logo or branding positively.

Access The Benefits to Your Business

Using the glass partition as the internal walls of your premises can unlock a wealth of welcome bonuses for your business; it is now well known that an increase in natural light impacts many areas of health and well-being. Staff are happier, healthier, and more well-rested when working in plenty of natural light offices. This outcome, in turn, gives you the employer a focused, motivated, and more productive employee who is less likes to miss time off work sick. As a readily available material, glass is a cost-effective choice as it is easily installed and flexible, allowing you to configure your office in different ways. Your bank balance also improves as utility bills are reduced.

A well designed, modern professional looking premises will be a valuable tool in impressing clients and increasing your order intake. Take a look at glass partitions today!

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