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Keyrings and Key Chains: What you Might Not Know

Keyrings are used for keeping track of keys. They are made with varying designs to make them look more attractive and useful. While some people prefer to collect these items, others use them to express their interests and personality. Keyrings are often bought as souvenirs. Aside from keeping keys together, they can have different uses. Some people like light and easy-to-carry keyrings but others get keyrings to express their individualism.

Keyrings vs Keychains

Keyrings can stand alone without a keychain but a key chain cannot exist without a key ring. Keyrings are small rings that can be pried open to insert a key or hold other small items like membership cards and charms. Often, they are made of metal and silver keyrings are a popular choice among collectors. Some keyrings are made of other materials.

Meanwhile, a key chain is a small chain attached to the keyring. Some key chains have novelty items or decorative items attached to them that may lend an extra appeal to them. This is the reason one end holds the keyring and the other holds souvenir, designer, or novelty items.

Kinds of Key Chains

If you are looking to buy key chains, you will come across different kinds including the following:

  • Collector and souvenir key chains. Souvenir shops will always have keychains for mementos of events or trips. Also, some people have built a collection of key chains.
  • Designer key chains. Huge designer houses make key chains that have their logo enclosed in sterling silver or leather. Designer keychains are more expensive than other options. Most people who get these items are those who buy designer items.
  • Custom keychains. These key chains are designed for a company that will use them as promotional items. Customised keychains have the name, logo, message, or contact information of the company etched in silver. Also, custom keychains are perfect birthday gifts, wedding favours, and graduation gifts designed according to the recipient’s preference and taste.

Keyrings are also available in different kinds such as engraved, printed, custom, metal, and PVC keyrings. The demand for both keyrings and key chains is quite high. Manufacturers continue to strive to meet this demand. To make sure you know what you are getting, take some time to do your homework before the purchase. Understanding the different kinds of keyrings and keychains available on the market will help you make an informed decision.

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