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Major Public Education Issues Faced Today

Unemployment is among the serious problems in developing countries. From year upon year the quantity of unemployment gets hard to control. It’s not easy to uncover exactly what the primary reason for unemployment is. However, we ought to give more focus on education among the many factors that create unemployment. You will find three important education issues that modify the unemployment rise in Indonesia: a very high cost education, a mismatch between education system and job requirement, and insufficient entrepreneurship lesson.

The costly price of education affects unemployment increase. Education becomes an costly factor since it requires a expensive for much better quality. Thus, only couple of people have access to it. If the price of education was costly as now, I believe my parents will not have had the ability to send their five children to school. I can not imagine my job if I didn’t finish college. Lots of people, especially the indegent, become unemployed because they do not come with an chance to obtain a good education. The federal government should allocate really their plan for education. Therefore, the training budget is sufficient to improve better education that may be utilized by everybody, the poorest ones.

The following problem of your practice that triggers unemployment may be the mismatch between your education system and also the job requirement. Actually, industries have offered numerous job possibilities. The task chance ought to be filled by those who have appropriate education background to aid the industries. Regrettably, they cannot be filled because individuals who make an application for these jobs not have the skills and competence needed through the jobs. For instance, a outfit industry needs some tailors from dressmaking vocational high schools, but there are lots of senior high school graduates who don’t have sewing skills applying to do the job. Consequently, the will reject them since they don’t want individuals who won’t be prepared to work.

Besides, there’s no entrepreneurship lesson in schools. Thus, once they finish their schools, graduates will always be looking to get employment. Many of them haven’t considered to become entrepreneurs simply because they haven’t been trained to become entrepreneurs once they were in class. Really, entrepreneurs are people who is able to optimize their potential and find out an chance. For instance, they begin to see the garbage that isn’t helpful, but you can use it as material to create unique and costly souvenirs. This skill could be acquired when the entrepreneurship lesson is offered earlier and continuously in schools. Then, once they finish their schools, they don’t need to obtain a job. They may be entrepreneurs, create new companies and provide job possibilities with other people.

Briefly, the cost of your practice, the space between education system and industry needs, cheap education system does not encourage students to become entrepreneurs cause the amount of unemployment increase. The federal government could make this problem better. Thus, the federal government should solve education problems above seriously because we realize that education is a vital answer to reducing unemployment. We’re positive that the amount of unemployed will decrease progressively.

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