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Microsoft Dynamics – is it the best software for property management?

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Property owners and managers have a lot of day-to-day task and long-term objectives to deal with and focus on. It’s really a no brainer to see why they’re opting to implement real estate management software in their business. With a wide array of choices of software on the market, we would like to direct your attention to Microsoft Dynamics-based apps. Let’s look at the advantages that they have and let’s see whether Microsoft Dynamics property management software is the best you can get!

Microsoft Dynamics property management software offers a familiar feel

In order to manage tenants and contracts efficiently, your staff have to be able to maximize the use of property management software. If it’s impossible or very difficult to use, every single process, even simple day-to-day tasks take much longer to complete.

Thus, Microsoft Dynamics property management software is worth your attention. The app will have a familiar feel to the rest of Microsoft programme suite (Excel, Outlook, etc.). Such user-friendly and familiar interface helps speed things up and allows your business to integrate the software into your operations quickly, without any unexpected delays or rudimentary obstacles.

Adaptable to different industries

Property management is a multi-faceted sphere of business. Owners or managers could oversee not just flats or apartments, but also office space, own properties in multiple buildings, have industrial facilities with tenants, rent out commercial properties in different parts of town and/or country, etc.

In general, real estate management software needs to offer flexibility, depending on your business needs and wants. Regardless of your industry, Microsoft Dynamics-based software can simplify your business by helping with:

  • Occupancy level monitoring and management
  • Managing lease contracts
  • Sending out invoices and billing
  • Editing and tracking data in real-time
  • Calculating various service prices
  • Managing other documents, related to tenants and accounting operations
  • Generating reports for tenants, investors or your own staff
  • Tracking previous and historical data

Versatile tools

Seldom you can find a business software with the sheer number of tools and functions which are available to you, as you do with Microsoft Dynamics. It can even go as far as having a special module for financial data tracking. This means that you can utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations management, regarding your properties.

Furthermore, the Microsoft-based property management software can also work as a tool which can help oversee work orders and maintenance operations. Track changes, alter the status, delegate tasks with the help of this software. So, what you’re actually getting turns out to be more than just software for management of property. It’s also sort of a variation of Microsoft Dynamics project management software.

And finally, software built on Microsoft Dynamics platform (like SOFT4RealEstate) can integrate a tenant self-service portal. This is an excellent and almost must-have tool for property managers with numerous tenants. It will save hours of time each month. Instead of sending out invoices one by one, you can grant them access to the portal and automate bill sending as well as track their payment history, etc.

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