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Paracord 550 As A General Utility Gear

Paracord 550 is the standard paracord that is widely used for many different purposes. It is one of five paracords that includes micro- 90, type I- 100, type II- 425, type III- 550, and type IV- 750. As per the U.S Military specifications,buy paracord 550 is the real paracord that can be used for executing multiple tasks because of its flexibility and versatility. It is commonly known as a survival cord.

Earlier, this paracord was used only for performing and executing a few outdoor tasks including adventurous activities, military operations, and athletic activities. But today it has become a general utility cord, meaning it is widely used for performing both indoor and outdoor tasks. It is so because its features allow humans to use it as a general utility gear.

This paracord has great tensile strength. Their breaking point is 550 lbs, meaning they can easily lift and carry the 550 lbs of weightage. And this is something that makes it a popular choice for everyone. However, it is not so that no paracord has more than 550 lbs breaking point. There is, but unlike the paracord 550, that is only used for some limited purposes.

Apart from the popular uses of paracord 550 in military operations, adventurous activities, and athletics, there are more creative, innovative, and general utility uses of this paracord 550. In this blog, we will discuss a few of those general utility uses of this cord. Let’s take a look.

General Utility Uses of Paracord 550

Emergency Survival Tool- Due to the ability to be used in different emergencies, paracord 550 is one of the most important emergency survival tools. And this is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to carry this paracord with them.

While camping in a remote area or a forest, you can use paracord 550 to create a temporary shelter by tying branches together. You can also make a fishing line by inner strands of this cord. In a case, if a poisonous reptile bites you or your mate, you can use this cord to stop the poison from reaching out to other parts of your body. So, these are a few examples that show this cord is an important emergency survival cord.

It Gives a Good Grip- The rough surface and a little elasticity of this cord make it a great option to give a good grip to some items. For example, if the holding part of your knife is damaged and it is creating problems to have a good grip on the knife, you can wrap this cord around the holding part to give it a good grip. After giving your knife a paracord 550 grip, you can use it very easily.

You can also give a good grip to Scissor, Cutter, Cricket Bat, and such more items using cord 550.

A Decorative Item- Paracord 550 is available in different colors and so it can be used to decorate different items. You can decorate portraits, pots, fruit baskets, bottles, chairs, wall-hanging items, and such more things using different patterns of wrapping and rolling the paracord.

These are a few general utility uses of this survival paracord. You can try these uses at your home to make your life easier.