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Pay Attention to Your Personal Life During Coronavirus Lockdown

In the face of daily news reports that focus on horrible health and economic conditions, it can be easy for depression to set in. Especially for people who face uncertainty in their own lives with regards to the virus. Many people we know and love are worried about losing their jobs, staying in good health, and taking care of their families during the crisis. Even for people not facing such direct threats to their safety, they have to deal with the impact of a society that has been largely shut down. All of us are affected by what’s happening. Being told not to see or touch extended family members and friends, that we can’t go into work and feel productive, or we should stay inside and avoid exercising outdoors, etc. can take a huge toll on our emotional and physical health.

With everything going on, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Staying mentally and physically strong is critical to your overall well being. When times are tough, there are things you can do to weather the storm. Here are some tips for taking care of your personal life during the pandemic lockdown.

Adjust Your Exercise Routine

Don’t let the stay at home orders stop you from exercising. In most states, residents are allowed out of their homes to exercise. Governments know it’s unrealistic to expect people to stay indoors for weeks on end. If you’re worried about running or walking outside, you can find some effective indoor workouts to get moving and break a sweat without too much work. There are a lot of great apps on your phone that will walk you through free exercises to keep your physical health on point.

Watch Your Diet

Odds are you’re not moving or getting as much activity during quarantine as you were before the pandemic hit. There’s probably less walking and calorie burning going on. That means you need to be extra focused on your diet to feel good. On top of the fewer burned calories, stress eating is a real struggle for a lot of people feeling the stress of the pandemic. Do what you can to avoid stress eating by filling your days with other activities. Whether it’s putting together a puzzle, cleaning, learning a new hobby, or some other activity, find something to take your mind off food.

Focus on Your Intimate Relationships

Coronavirus-related stress impacts relationships differently. For some couples, it brings them closer together. Others can feel friction from being near each other all day. Hopefully, you’re in a relationship where your partner or you don’t become the object of frustration. Still, a concerted effort toward expressing love regularly will keep your relationship strong and the support system you need in place.

One way you can improve your relationship is by focusing on intimacy. Depression, stress, and other adverse conditions can make arousal and intimacy more difficult. Scientific research is being done on a peptide called PT-141 also known as Bremelanotide. PT141 a synthetic peptide has been shown in studies on mice and rats to promote sexual arousal and treat sexual arousal disorders. PT-141  does this by stimulating MC-4R, which is known to trigger arousal in the central nervous system. This peptide has not yet been approved for human use by the FDA. More research is needed.

Check-In with Friends and Family

You should focus most of your efforts on the people closest to you. Do what you can to get your relationships with the people you live with in the best condition possible. Then, it’s time to focus on your extended family and friends. One of the best ways to feel good about your personal life is by connecting with others and making sure they’re doing well. Service is a great way to boost your mood and take your mind off what’s happening.

Buy some gifts for your friends or a distant family member who may be having a hard time in quarantine. Order them some food, maybe a pizza, to cheer them up and let them know you’re thinking about them.

Make Plans for When Normalcy Returns

Spend as little time worrying about the present and spend more time planning for the future. Eventually, the pandemic will be over, and we’ll be able to go outside and visit our friends and go out to eat at a restaurant. Those days will come. Use the time you have at home now to ponder what you want your life to look like in the future. Whether it’s a career change or spending time with different crowds that make you feel great, prioritize your happiness and mental health. You need to be ready to hit the ground running when the all-clear is sounded.

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