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Places to Visit and What to Do in Scotland

If you’re planning on purchasing a motorhome to jumpstart your travel journey, there will be an endless list of places to visit in Scotland. Scotland is home to many unique attractions, offering a wide array of awe-inspiring sceneries that are sure to offer something for everyone. Here’s a few of them:

Glen Coe 

The Glen Coe is U-shaped and is essentially the remains of an ancient super volcano, the last eruption being 420 years ago. Since 2017, this attraction has been designated as a national nature reserve. Upon climbing this valley, you will witness The Buachaille and the Three Sisters. Here, Scottish wildlife and impeccable highland scenery can be found. Skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking are among other activities you can enjoy at Glen Coe. Lodging in your motorhome gives you the freedom to spend less on hotel and more on experiences. The beauty of Glen Coe is not unfamiliar to the movie scenes. Its fascinating beauty has been featured in films like James Bond’s Skyfall and multiple Harry Potter movies.

Dunnottar Castle

This historically important castle is both romantic and evocative. Dining with this castle in sight is a unique experience indeed. Motorhomes provide the comfort of being minutes away from home during a holiday. Visiting Dunnottar Castle unearths many precious secrets about the country’s colorful past. In ancient times, this land was the home of Earls Marischal, one of the most important and influential families during their time. Notable personalities such as Mary Queen of Scots, William Wallace, and the future King Charles II, have graced this beautiful castle with their presence.

Motorhomes Scotland offers an excellent choice and offers a way to bask in Scottish beauty and indulge in an in-depth appreciation of its history. Any of their luxurious motorhome will give you the option to enjoy the freedom to explore and the larger units offer more space and the opportunity to invite friends to join you. Then you can all enjoy an endless experience of the best that Scotland has to offer. Imagine you all waking up to the sight of the Dunnottar Castle. Imagine the memorable road trips, meeting new people, exploring one castle after the other, and getting to know more of Scotland. This could be the dream holiday option you have always longed for!

Loch Lomond

Also called the Lake of the Elms, Loch Lomond is a freshwater lake that serves as the boundary between the Lowlands and the Highlands. This lake is over 36 kilometres long and around 8 kilometres wide. Its surface area of 71 square kilometres is considered as the largest lake in Great Britain, according to the surface area. Surprisingly, this lake contains many islands, including the largest freshwater island in the British Isles. Exploring Loch Lomond by waterbus service and bicycle is common with this natural wonder.

Getting one with nature is good for the body and soul. It is growth where one can learn. In Scotland, these natural wonders are waiting to tell you all about their past. Travelling here in your own motorhome would be quite a journey!


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