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Premiere pooch: 5 tips for first time dog ownership

So, you’ve decided to get your first puppy – how exciting! Doggo ownership is one of life’s great joys, with plenty of fun and excitement to come. However, it can be a pretty daunting experience, and one that you want to be prepared for the first time around!

Things like doing your research, knowing your budget and comparing dog insurance reviews in Australia are great places to start, so let’s take a look at the important parts of first time dog ownership!

  1. Research is key

Obviously, you can’t just bring a doggo home and expect it to have the best life possible – you have to research the dog, first! For example, you have to be sure that your ideal breed is ideal for your neighbourhood and even your home. For example, you may think farm dogs are adorable, but taking one home to your apartment would be completely unfair on the dog, who needs space to move and even do a little work in the day!

  1. Is your home dog ready?

Newborn puppies can be pretty naughty around the home – it’s not their fault, after all, they are new to the world and don’t know any better! But you have to ensure your home is ready for a popping, piddling pup! Ensure your home is ready with cleaning products and piddle pads, as well as all necessities like toys, leashes, collars etc. so that you are ready to get you and your dog into a routine upon bringing the pup home!

  1. Do you have the budget?

You may have the initial funds to purchase a new dog or even some siblings, but can you commit the budget to looking after dog/s throughout their lives? There are many expenses attributed to a dog’s life that go beyond food: there are vaccinations, vet visits, grooming, check-ups, insurance etc.

It’s very important that you consider your overall budget before bringing a dog back home!

  1. Feed them healthy food

Whilst it may be tempting to feed your dog the cheap store stuff, you might want to think about it this way: “would I eat the human equivalent of this food?” If your answer is a flat out, “no!” then you should avoid buying that nasty food for your dog. Dogs are actually very sensitive to poor quality food, and to optimise their health an owner should feel them as well as possible with proper, nutritious food.

Luckily, there are plenty of brands out there making healthy dog food for a reasonable price, so be sure to stock up on the good, nutritious stuff and you will have a much healthier, happier doggo!

  1. Keep up the training program

You are going to want to train your dog. We have all seen the difference between a trained dog and an untrained dog – it can be massive, so it’s important to bring them into a relaxed, trusting environment and one where you can patiently teach them how to behave. Try to be home as much as possible when first picking up your new puppy and be consistent – this way they will feel more comfortable and at ease with their new surroundings.

You can then start regular training routines regarding eating, going to the toilet etc.

Give them the love they need!

Picking up a new dog is super exciting, but it’s not without work. Be sure to welcome them into your new home and give them plenty of love and attention – they need this to feel at home, comfortable and happy to start their lives with their loving owner!

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