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Quick things to know about Los Angeles personal injury laws

If you suffered injuries and want to file a case against the person(s) responsible for the same, you may want to know about the various steps and personal injury laws. As in most states, California has its own set of rules of personal injury cases and lawsuits. First things first, you have to consider if your claim is worth the time and effort, for which you may want to contact a Los Angeles personal injury law firm for advice. In general, personal injury laws are often complicated, and legal counsel is always handy. In this post, we are sharing some of the things worth knowing about Los Angeles personal injury laws. 

  1. The compensation. The compensation that you get after an accident or for suffering injuries is determined after careful consideration. Typically, the amount will cover for your medical bills, lost earning capacity, loss of wages, property damages, and other suffering. Workplace accidents, slip & trip cases, medical malpractice, truck accidents, car accidents, and nursing home negligence are all covered under personal injury law in California. 
  2. Filing a claim. If you want compensation for your injuries, losses and suffering, you have to prove that another person’s negligence caused the accident, which eventually led to your injuries. This may require getting details and documentation from your doctor for proving the extent of your injuries, gathering photos of the incident/accident, and witness testimonies. Your lawyer should be able to guide you through the process. 
  3. Statute of limitations. California allows a period of two years for victims to file personal injury lawsuits against those at fault. This may seem like a lot of time, but you have to act quick and gather evidence that will prove your case. Note that the time is just six months if you want to file your lawsuit against a government entity. 
  4. The “pure comparative negligence” rule. California follows what is known as the “pure comparative negligence” rule, which means that if you had a role in the accident, this may affect how much you get in compensation.

Hiring a lawyer is among the best things that you can do following a personal injury accident. Make sure that you engage a law firm with experience, and don’t shy away from discussing the various aspects of your case, even if you have a part role in causing the accident that caused your injuries. A good lawyer can ensure that your settlement is nothing less than what you deserve. 

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