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Remodelling your home? Choose custom timber furniture to make your design incredible. 

So, you’ve chosen new curtains, finished the paint job and finally replaced that lamp. Next step: finding the perfect furniture to fit your new look. Where to begin? Sometimes the answer to your interior design needs aren’t at the furniture shop, nor are they satisfied by the local vintage collection. Perhaps your design craves personal touch, a finesse that you won’t find in any store. Custom timber furniture design means your personal touch is incorporated into the design, making it perfect for any space.

A new feel to any interior is a great way of keeping things fresh and lively. Below is an interior design guide to help you choose custom timber furniture that will elevate your living space.

Start with the bare basics

First things first, it’s important to think about who is using the space, the size of the household, and while the basics might seem boring, they are really important to get right. Having an intricate and beautiful dining table is fine, but it has to seat the entire family. Design is about usability and style.

Making an interior space ‘sing’ means getting all these basics right from the start. Think about the movement of people in the space – how people enter and where do they usually gather; is it easy to get there? Allowing space and flow-through is important in avoiding a trapped, claustrophobic feeling. Knowing what dimensions to work with and how this will affect the space will go a long way in making a new space click.

What’s the vision?

With all measurements out the way, focus on the vision. Consider the house as a whole, and what would fit the overall scheme and not just the dining space. Make sure the entire house is consistent. Think about what colours textures and shapes are already there and depending on the budget and timeframe, how much will stay and what will go. Never be afraid to be brutally honest about what does and what doesn’t work. Part of designing any space is having that honesty. The major advantage of custom timber furniture is having this agency from the beginning to personalise the new product to ensure the highest compatibility with the new design.

Get creative

Having fun in the process is also important. Do some research on what type of timber you want to use, and consider its colour, texture, lines, and blemishes. Sometimes it helps to compare colours by creating a mood board for your space and use this as your style guide to choosing furnishings. Play with different combinations to see what will work best. A custom design furniture piece will often draw focus, so be prepared to work around this as the centrepiece. If the room already has wood in it, make sure to consider how this will look alongside your new custom piece.

Good design means durability and sustainability 

Bespoke custom Australian timber furniture is both durable and sustainable. When a furniture piece is designed to fit a space, it automatically becomes more meaningful in that space as opposed to a mass-produced item that is made to fit anywhere. When designing a space, think long term about what this means – will the custom piece be compatible in various spaces around the house, or will it be a permanent addition? Either way, sourcing quality Australian timber furniture means your custom design will be sustainably harvested and subject to rigorous environmental protection laws. Design goes beyond aesthetics alone. Good design is, of course, different for everyone. In the end, it’s the story of the wood and why you chose it that counts.

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