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Sharing or VPS Hosting: Which is the Better Bet?

If you have decided to start your website, you will need a hosting provider that can supply you with server space. There are several hosting providers in India that offer a wide range of plans to support different types of sites. So, it might be a challenging task to select the right hosting company and their plan for your website needs.

Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting

The two most popular types of web hosting are – shared hosting and VPS hosting. Shared hosting plans are the cheapest hosting solution with several benefits. They offer you a space on the server that you can share with other websites. It is similar to renting a room in a shared house where you have your own little space, but you still have to adjust to a larger communal space.

There are many VPS hosting plans in India, but they all offer more benefits than shared hosting plans. With VPS hosting, you have a greater level of control while operating within a shared server with others. It is like renting a flat in a building block where you have more rooms with increased space and flexibility. However, they are a bit expensive than shared hosting plans.

Shared hosting is commonly used for static websites that have fixed content. It is more suited to basic personal sites, like blogs, and for smaller businesses that expect a limited amount of traffic. Although you don’t get access to a lot of resources or increased speed or security, you can still conveniently maintain your online presence.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, is ideal for larger personal sites, online stores, and bigger businesses. You get access to some dedicated resources within a shared space that ensures more features, better security, and improved performance. They offer you a chance to scale up your business without spending as much as on a dedicated server. Additionally, you get all these benefits at a very reasonable rise in cost than shared hosting.

Who Should Choose VPS Hosting?

Most hosting providers offer a wide range of VPS hosting solutions in India. If you are confused about whether you need to upgrade to VPS hosting, look at the following conditions.

If any of these apply to you, then it is the right choice for you:

  • Your website is using more resources than your basic shared hosting plan can manage
  • Your website is expecting an increase in traffic and you need to scale up hosting
  • You want to customize some resources on the hosting server on a limited budget

Once you know you need VPS hosting, you can easily upgrade your plan by contacting your hosting provider’s support team. However, if you think shared hosting plans are easily supporting your website needs, you should stick to them and wait for the right time.

Both shared hosting and VPS hosting plans have their own benefits. They each have a significant effect on your website’s performance and growth potential. That is why you should know your exact business needs and choose the right plan for yourself.

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