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Silly Laws and regulations in Virginia

Anybody that’s ever looked through anything went by a legislative body has likely seen numerous strange things incorporated which had little or free related to the primary bill or law. These riders are frequently incorporated to appease a little constituency and do not always get this amazing or lasting impact. Sometimes these riders come by means of money for any condition or district, and often they are available by means of rules and laws and regulations which are quote frequently, to become frank, silly. Here are the silly laws and regulations which have managed to really make it around the books in Virginia, even if perhaps for a short while.

Politics As Always?

This really is one which just enables you to shake your mind. There’s a condition law “prohibiting corrupt practices of bribery by person apart from candidates.” This seems like the kind of law that the corrupt politician got passed to assist themselves retain their office against a much better, more morally pure candidate.

No Tickle Parties

Let me believe that this law was the effect of a more conservative amount of time in the state’s history, however i honestly can’t consider whatever reason to pass through legislation which makes it illegal to tickle women. Maybe there is a tickle bandit, however i suspect puritan hands are the reason for this law.

Hunting Season

There’s been legislation in Virginia which makes it illegal to search for just about any animal on Sunday, using the sole exception of raccoons, which can be hunted until 2 AM.

Apparently whomever passed this law did not believe that raccoons were really certainly one of God’s creatures and therefore not worth of his protection every sunday.

Clean Your Mule

How’s that for a classic law when i think it’s fair to state that no-one has attempted this in certain time. In Culpepper it had been made illegal to clean a mule around the pavement. I am hoping this is not a current law as it might be an excessive amount of in my mind to deal with.

Dress For that Hour

This law is clearly something of the ancient times, however it still makes you’d like to learn the reasoning behind it. There’s been legislation around the books in Norfolk, Virginia that needed women to put on a corset after sundown and to stay in the organization of the male chaperone.

Calmness is essential

This law likely dates back to a period when we put much more of reasonably limited on calmness towards one another. There is enacted legislation in Prince William County that managed to get illegal to cuss about someone else. Maybe this made gossip more civil too.

Who Will get the Tab?

I am working underneath the assumption this law was passed as a result of gambling issues with regards to restaurants, though I possibly could be way off base.

In Richmond, legislation was passed which makes it illegal to switch a gold coin inside a restaurant to determine who will pay for an espresso. I am unsure why coffee alone was designated within this law, nor shall we be held conscious of past coffee and gambling going hands in hands.

Warning! Lady Driver!

Because it hasn’t, to the very best of my understanding, been illegal for ladies they are driving within this country, I honestly have no idea things to model of that one. In Waynesboro legislation was passed which makes it illegal for any lady they are driving a vehicle up Primary Street unless of course her husband was walking while watching vehicle waving a warning sign. Did this suggest that unmarried women could not drive on Primary Street in Waynesboro? I appreciate a lady driver joke in some places within reason, however this appears to become using the notion to excess.

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