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Strip Club Commandments to Respect and Enjoy Earthly Pleasures

Strip clubs are a place for entertainment, where guys visit to enjoy the gorgeous ladies perform a sensuous dance. When you visit a strip clubs like Bucks Wild Houston there are certain guiding principles everyone needs to respect or else, they will be deprived of the earthly pleasures there.

Strip club commandments to respect

Never distract the performers

She is an entertainer, who adds color in your boring life. You are there to enjoy her divine performance and not text her booty. Texting can wait for some minutes. Keep your mobile phones away! If you have to pick the buzz, place some dollars, get up and move away from the stage to answer.

Avoid taking pictures or videos

It is illegal in many states to capture photos or videos in a club. It is a Class A misdemeanor. Besides, the performers desire to be popular in their club and not on YouTube.

Give tips

Paying the entrance fee is not sufficient to look at the dancer’s divine visage. She beats her body doing challenging pole tricks. If you cannot afford then avoid visiting the club. Even guys on a tight budget can tip $1 per dance…….Honor the dancer!

Never grab attention

Provoking your girlfriend to do a lap dance will not rouse anyone. Everyone is at the strip club to enjoy a divine performance and not to watch a spectacle you create. Avoid hankering attention!

No kissing or licking

A lap dance is fine with a condition… contact. Stripper doesn’t wish to have her body immersed in your saliva. Her body is her personal property…….her forehead is for her MOM and neck or other body parts are for her lover. Keep your mouth closed!

No groping

Grabbing her body to get a peek of her tattoo is a big NO-NO. Never even ask her that you wish to see her tattoo. What you learned in playschool still stands – ‘Look but don’t touch’ or else be prepared for the bouncer to thump with his hand and kick you out.

Never covet her break time

Telling the stripper that you don’t tip but would be pleased to take her on a dinner date….a horrible scene! She will walk away and always avoid you.

Respect all the dancers

Passing a rude comment to one of the dancers will create a bad ripple. They are all colleagues and friends. So, if you say something bad about the other dancer doesn’t mean you are complimenting her. She is smart and will not depend on another woman’s denigration. They are competitive but will not try it at the cost of their coworkers.

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