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Tesla Is Running Cargo Trains at Giga Berlin

Tesla has been spending the better part of five months throughout 2020 developing a 90 sector parcel of land that’s purchased for the initial construction phase of the European production facility known as Giga Berlin.

The Giga Berlin factory is breaking down and has since been rescheduled. The pandemic caused a series of delays in the construction process but the groundbreaking news in Berlin establishing a whole new hope for the city to include leveling and excavation projects for the latest Tesla factory.  As trees are removed and as construction crews begins the early stages of construction, we can start to see the chance for the factory groundbreaking occurring.

Video has showcased a series of cargo trains running through the facility leveling out the ground and starting towards the initial process of construction.

Facilities throughout Fremont and Shanghai have been severely interrupted as a result of the pandemic but the Giga factory in Berlin is likely on track for its anticipated July 2021 completion date. The construction company involved has suggested that the factory in Berlin will likely open on time and that the subject of delays from coronavirus are likely to not affect the project moving forward. Many politicians in the area have also been extremely supportive of Giga Berlin continuing on its set path. As soon as the automaker is opened up around 12,000 people will be employed at the factory producing over 500,000 vehicles on an annual basis. Both Tesla and the local government are anxious to get the facility up and running to start producing electric vehicles and to become one of the most promising new employers in the region. As long as the land development continues, we will see improvements to the factory for the future and a chance for an opening date to be revealed soon.

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