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The card game: why business cards are an effective marketing tool

Business cards have long been a subtle yet effective networking tool for individuals and businesses alike. The business card is an awesome way of getting your name or your brand’s name out there, with prospects taking your cards, keeping them on hand and referring to them when they need your business.

So, why is business card printing such an essential marketing tool for your brand? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons below and how you can make your business cards stand out in the crowd.

Why are business cards an effective networking tool?

Business cards are a subtle-yet-handy networking tool, allowing you to get your brand out there and for people to take your brand with them.

Here are some reasons why the business card is still a marketing essential…

  1. Business cards create a lasting first impression on prospective clients and customers. They may just keep your card with them and use it when the time comes to enlist your brand’s service.
  2. They are simply an awesome marketing tool as they rarely get discarded and stay with prospects for weeks, months or even years!
  3. They are a much more personalised marketing tool than most others. Physical business cards typically involve personal distribution, and if you make a good impression when meeting a prospect then they will most likely choose your business when the time is right.
  4. Business cards show that you care about your business, your clients and brand. People still request business cards in the digital era, so you always want one on-hand when a prospect asks for one.
  5. Good business cards attributed to good businesses get past on, making them the marketing equivalent of a relay baton.
  6. They provide excellent value for money and are typically cheaper in larger quantities.

Getting the best results from your business cards

Business cards are an amazingly versatile tool and can be handed out wherever you go: luncheons, conferences, meetings – the list goes on. You want to be prepared to hand them out to prospects whenever you are on the go – the more prospects that receive them, the more likely it is your contacts will grow.

How to make an awesome business card

This all depends on what kind of business you are offering. Is your business corporate? If so, it’s best to keep your business cards looking clean and sharp with monotonal shading. Always include your contact name, business name, email address, phone number, even a QR code where prospects can scan the code and be taken to a website for more information! If your business is fun and quirky, you can reflect that with bright colours, fun themes and even quirky designs to match your brand!

They are just a great business tool

Unlike many traditional marketing methods, business cards never went out of fashion. The ability to hand them out at any given event ensures that they are a necessary marketing/networking tool that can be used to your advantage whenever you need it.

There are just a few things to ensure: that they are clear and concise, that they match your brand and that they include all relevant/updated contact information – otherwise your prospect won’t be able to contact you and it will defeat the purpose of making business cards in the first place!

There are plenty of business card companies and graphic designers who can help you make the perfect card to match your business, so get looking and find the crew that’s going to make your cards work a charm.

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