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The Right Rendering Tools Can Make Plastering Simple

When plastering, you need to have the right tools to get the job done. It isn’t as simple as grabbing a trowel, some plaster, and going to work. Without those tools, the job can become nearly impossible.

Rendering is the process of covering a wall, similar to plastering. Rendering, however, is the coating of exterior walls, whereas plastering has to do with the interior walls. In order to ensure that the rendering process goes smoothly, you need to have these tools at your disposal.


Make no mistake—a trowel is important whether you are plastering or rendering. This is an important tool that ensures that you can either level or remove the plaster as you go. The thin ones are great for tougher spots, while a wide one is best for under coverings like a ceiling or roof.

Think of the trowel as one of the all-in-one rendering tools that can make plastering simple. The trowel can mix plaster, level out the surface, widen any joints, and so much more. Without a trowel, you will be lost in the weeds in no time.


The hawk is important because it keeps the supply of mortar right there at hand in the tough-to-reach spots. When you are on a ladder or in tight spots, going back and forth to a plaster container may not be feasible. Even if you are in an open space, constantly bending can wind up putting pressure on the back.

The hawk is one of the most convenient tools there is for those tougher areas. They are generally made with steel or aluminium shields with plastic or wooden handles. They are great for adjusting to angles, particularly in concrete tunnels.

Render Spray Machine

Finally, a crucial rendering tool is the render spray machine. This is the kind of tool that leads to the greatest possible productivity, with the capability of exceeding manual labour by a minimum of five times, if not more.

Regardless of the tools needed for rendering, a render spray machine can help to cut down on time and effort spent. These are the kinds of machines that cover hundreds of square meters in as little as an hour. Companies looking to have major savings on labour costs should absolutely have a render spray machine because of how much it can get done in no time.

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