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Tips for playing your first poker tournament

After you have found your situs poker online, it is essential to have tips on playing the games so that you win money. There are cash game poker and tournaments with both the same rules and the ranking of poker hands, but you should know that they are different.

The significant difference is that, when you play a poker tournament, you tend to be on a clock with the blinds always rising, and if you happen not to find ways of increasing your stack or instead maintaining it, you will be out of the game very fast. Participating in large tournaments can be an exciting way of playing the game and maybe winning a life changing money.

The following are some of the tips you can utilize when playing your first poker tournament.

Learn to be patient

There is a certain cadence to poker games that you might find hard to understand if you are used to the ordinary cash game. There are moments in a tournament where you will make a play, which is a cash game. You will never dare. It is because of the blinds that are ever-increasing and chips numbers that are finite. When the chips go, you go. Chips are equal to tournament life.

It means that you have to play with a lot of caution at the beginning of your tournament.  When you are going for small hands like the pocket jacks,  you should always remember that you will never win a poker tournament when still at the first level, but it is possible to lose it.

In the early stages, you have to know that the blinds are worth nothing. Everyone at this stage is playing tight, and it is straightforward to fall into strong hands. You need to take your time in the first few levels and observe how each play is playing.

It is situational when it comes to hands strength

When it comes to cash games poker, the relative strength of the hands is a concept that also applies but with the tournament. There is an added twist. You need to try and play various hands when you are last to act or short stacked. If you happen to be in the early stages and are very deep stacked, you need to try and stick to the premium starting hands.

Keep thinking about the big hands and not the chips

When it comes to poker tournaments, chips don’t seem to have any value in cash. There is no way you are going to cash them to get money. They are there to be used in facilitating actions and to pay out the blinds. It would be best if you viewed the chips stacks as big blinds.  If you have anything below the ten blinds, you are in the fold territory or pushy, and if you have over 50 big blinds, then that is a deep stack.

Ensure to respect the bubbles

In a poker tournament, the chips don’t have any monetary value. But the players get a prize that is predefined on where they can be eliminated in the tournament. The structure for payouts varies from one tournament to the next.

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