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Top Benefits Of Working With An SEO Company

In today’s business world many companies are turning towards SEO in order to make their online presence more competitive. In order to help launch a successful SEO campaign, the businesses also realize the benefits that come with working alongside a Portland SEO company. If you have no idea, we are happy to discuss some with you now.

The SEO Company Provides Unique Techniques

When you begin an online business presence it involves the use of unique techniques in order to be successful. This will help your traffic receive the best possible guidance for all that they are looking for as they search your website. The techniques include making a smooth navigation of the site, including videos, photos, or text that is relatable to searches, and the overall configuration of the website.

When these techniques are used, the overall experience becomes drastically improved. This improvement is what generates an increase in clicks, conversion rate, improved outlook of the brand, and an increase in leads.

Leads are generated through SEO

When you want great leads you can always turn to SEO as a reliable source. This means using it as an inbound strategy. With an inbound strategy they involve using referrals, social media, marketing, and SEO. Having an SEO company on your side will allow you to gain the most out of your leads so that you are not missing out on anything.

Close Rates are higher with SEO

Your SEO provider needs to be able to provide a substantial amount of close rate from leads and needs to be at least 14%. This provides a better amount of conversion rates as compared to cold calling.

When an SEO lead is generated it is due to a customer visiting a site and clicking through pages as they search for specific products that you offer. Having a predetermined need also allows for easier conversion and removes the hard work.

Your Portland SEO Company Can Manage Costs

Have leads generated internally allows your SEO company to manage costs of lead generation by more than 60%.

They are also able to decrease the cost of advertising. This comes in handy when your SEO provider has managed to have your site ranked at the top. Your site will remain at the top due to customers continually clicking on links that lead to your site.

Plus, when you use tools such as social media, referrals, and blogging, you will not be paying as much as you would without them.

Your SEO Provider can Create In-store Interactions Following an Online Interaction

Research has shown that many customers have visited a physical store location following an online experience of the same business. A great example are searching for a specific restaurant and making a choice between the top results. The customer then finds the location of the restaurant and visits it to eat. Depending on how their experience turns out they may become a regular customer.

It has been suggested that over 80% of prospective customers always conduct some type of research through a company’s website. They then ultimately become interested in visiting a company store in person.

Can Build Credibility of your Brand

Having a high ranking allows your Company to be viewed as one that is able to provide customers with what they are looking for or need. Customers will also view you as popular and the “go-to” expert that everyone is talking about.

Opposite of that, if you are ranked low then your credibility will be on the line and many times your site will get passed over and not even clicked on. This is can be avoided when you have a Portland SEO company on your side.

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