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Want to Insure Your Four Wheeler? Here’s How You Can Do That Online

Everybody wishes to protect their car financially but don’t want to spend too much effort for doing it. No matter whether you’re buying the fourwheeler insurance policy for the first time or want to renew the existing plan, everybody looks for a cheaper alternative. However, today in this digital world, you don’t have to face any kind of hassle to get your car insured, as the process of doing it is quite simple and allows you to compare multiple plans falling within your budget.

When purchasing an insurance policy, don’t just settle for a cheap four wheeler insurance plan. Other factors also contribute to a good car insurance policy. Keep reading to find out ways to get the best car insurance policy in India.

  1. Provide the required information

The first most important step before buying car insurance is to have all the necessary information ready to get the correct quote. You must know the model of your car, registration number, the make, year, and the location of your vehicle. Once you’ve collected all the information, with the help of an online platform you can choose the right insurance quote for your car. Make sure to provide accurate details to your insurer.

  1. Compare Car Insurance Online

It is become even easier to get the best policy for yourself, as we have the option of comparing the policies on websites. However, if you come across a policy with a low premium to be paid, check the coverage it has to offer you and whether it’s enough. Before finalizing any car insurance cover, take into consideration various factors such as add-on covers, location, driving skills, age of the car, and its usage.And lastly, to give you even better results, calculate the premium amount using a car insurance calculator.

  1. Opt for the correct IDV

Insured Declared Value (IDV) is basically the market value of your carcurrently. It has a direct influence on the insurance premium and is the maximum amount you will receive from your insurance provider if there is a case of a total loss to your car. If you go for a higher IDV, the premium will increase, whereas with a lower IDV you’ll not have enough coverage. Therefore, think over it and choose the right IDV.

  1. Check the claim settlement process

One major aspect that many people ignore is the Claim Settlement Ratio of the insurance company. Things have changed and you don’t have to raise claims the traditional way anymore. The online process is a lot easier. Therefore, always check the claim settlement process of an insurance company, it should be efficient, hassle-free as well as stress-free. You can always check reviews and as well as feedback by customers online on the insurer’s website or social media channels. This way you will be able to understand the brand well and their process of servicing an insurance claim.

How to Purchase Car Insurance Policy Online?

The process of buying car insurance online is simple as well as user-friendly. You will need to follow the below-given process:

  • Visit your preferred insurance company’s website
  • Create your profile
  • Select the type of policy you want
  • Choose the add-ons that best suits your needs
  • Fill in the payment information
  • Once the payment is processed, you will receive the insurance policy to your registered email

Make sure to make an informed decision and choose a well-reputed general insurance company that offers you a policy specially made to meet your financial expectations.

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