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What are the Advantages of Using a Silicone Wire?

Silicone cables are multiple tinned copper conductors which are built in strands. The insulation material is composed of silicone rubber material. As they are wire strands, they have a number of color cords which usually depend on the cable type they are and the number of conductors which are present inside the insulation. A silicone rubber cable is ideal for the field laying power transmission like and other electrical applications. There are many types of insulation wires available today. Many of these include silicone, cross linked, and PVC insulated cables. But silicone wires are getting famous because of their performance oriented designs and reliability when it comes to its mechanical features. This article enlists the advantages of using a silicone cable.

  1. High resistance to flames

Silicone cables are highly resistant to flames which makes them perfect for multiple industrial applications. Most of these industrial applications entail high temperatures are friction associated with heat that has the capacity to melt the weaker cables down.

  1. Highly flexible

Because of a number of flexing cycles being exhibited in industrial applications, silicone cables are highly flexible when compared to other plastic cables that can easily tolerate the highly flexing cycles in the industrial applications.

  1. High resistance to chemicals

Silicone rubber cables are famous amongst cable manufacturers for resisting the harsh chemicals conditions and substances that are exposed to multiple industrial applications.

  1. High tolerance to high temperatures

Silicone cables are very famous for its capability to tolerate a wide range of temperatures. On an average, around -50 to 200 degrees C. Other advanced silicone cables are famous for tolerating extreme temperatures ranging from -90 to 300 degrees C. They tend to maintain great electrical properties and softness no matter what temperatures they are exposed to.

  1. Low compression set

In other words, silicone cables tend to maintain their original shape no matter in what position or place they are installed in. For example, when you compress them between a door or a seal, they come back to their original shape once the pressure is taken off them.

  1. High resistance to environmental factors

Silicone cables are well resistant to environmental conditions rendering them perfect for outdoor sealing applications that can expose them to environmental elements.

  1. Keeps the food safe

As silicone is an inert polymer means it is also non reactive and a highly favoured elastomer in the food department. Silicone cables are used in the daily tubing and brewery hoses as they are not risky to the products that go through them. It keeps the food safe as it keeps the contamination at bay.

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